The Golf Tournament Prizes Ideas

Golf tournaments offer organizations the opportunity to raise money and market their businesses. However, to inspire participation, these tournaments should offer unique competitions and prizes, such as golf tournament raffle prizes. Deciding on the best items for that event will determine its success.


This is really a golf tournament, so you can assume that the participants love playing golf. Therefore, golf-related products, such as Titelist golf balls, clothing, clubs or other accessories. You may also include free rounds of golf or golf lessons.


Of course, every good tournament has a unique winning trophy. These may range from traditional trophies with golfers on top to glass or metal cups or bowls. The trophy ought to be unique towards the tournament and something the participants would value, but it should not be the only real prize given away.

Gift Bags

You may also be thinking about supplying the participants with gift bags, especially if they paid to sign up. Your gift bags can include customized golf towels, tees, bags or totes, umbrellas, ball markers, t-shirts and bottled water. You are able to customize these things together with your logo design or the event date and title. Consider offering unique items, for example divot repair and first-aid kits. However, the caliber of the prizes within the gift bags should reflect the cost of participation within the tournament. For example, tournaments with high entry fees ought to provide more expensive or name brand gifts.

Raffles and Auctions

Raffles and auctions are great methods to make extra money during tournaments. You can include everything from local services and products to golf vacations, but be aware of your audience. A nearby charity golf tournament with a low entry fee should not offer auction items which will definitely cost thousands of dollars.

Seeking sponsorships or products and services from local businesses is a superb way to produce good will in the community. Local business owners receive advertising and the participants can try their products and services while supporting a great cause.


Many golf tournaments offer at-hole competitions, such as hole-in-one or longest-drive competitions. Each competition should have a different item. Cash or gift card prizes are great, however the winners should leave feeling like they won something of worth. Therefore, high-priced competitions shouldn't offer poor or inexpensive items, such as low- or mid-range clubs or low-value gift cards.

One of the most challenging steps in creating a successful golf tournament is securing appropriate prizes and awards. However, local businesses and club or course workers are valuable resources.