'Tis The growing season To concentrate on Your Holiday Depression

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

This holidays, people across the world are stressed now more than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals have been laid off from work or are limited to staying home because they are more vulnerable to suffering from the virus than the others. This, combined with holiday depression, makes conditions worse for 64 percent of people that suffer from mental illness. Consequently, everyone be forced to pay close attention to their mental health insurance and be wary of how the holidays are affecting it, and work to make sure that everyone gets with the holidays without breaking down in the seasonal pressures.

Coping With Holiday Depression and Stress

Obviously, this season differs from others. Which means that expectations for that holidays this year must differ from previous years. Setting expectations too high at any given time such as this will only worsen your stress and depression. Understanding that good health is much more important than the number of presents is crucial in keeping an audio mind. Keep track of your holiday spending to ensure that bills don’t feel heavy once they start rolling in. Explain to your kids why the holidays are different this year which won’t continually be like this. The inability to see family members throughout the holidays can worsen anyone’s depression.

Fortunately, with technology, we are able to video chat with our family members and share our thoughts and worries making plans for the following holidays. You can interact to organize for some time when you’ll have the ability to celebrate with your family. Communication is key during the holiday season in order for others to understand how you’re feeling. Receiving positive feedback from a trusted friend or family member is useful throughout a time where many feel lonely.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Seasonal Affective Disorder may also be contributing to the worsening of the depression throughout the holidays. People like me who reside in a state that lacks exposure to the sun throughout the winter season know how tired and irritable one gets with no sunlight. Several solutions to this problem:

  • Light therapy box: This mimics real sunlight and tricks your mind to result in a chemical change that lightens your mood.
  • Natural light: Despite use of artificial light inside, still be certain to go outside whenever there’s a sunny day. Light box therapy ought to be used like a second item for sun light.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This might help someone alter the way they feel in regards to a situation, and they can determine what they are able to do today to help themselves feel better. Does meeting a therapist in person cause you to nervous? Find one that provides Zoom meetings.

This Year Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

This won’t be a picture-perfect holiday for most. Nonetheless, many of us are living through a pandemic that hopefully our kids won’t need to experience. With businesses shutting down and children stuck at home without their friends, we must all focus on our mental health. During a time such as this, we mustn’t stray from self-care in order to provide something unattainable. Rather we ought to sit with this families, in person or through video chat, and discuss how we feel. By doing this we are able to all get through the holiday season without strengthening our depression.