The best way to Deal with Paralyzing Anxiety

Paralyzing anxiety is something I've been struggling with since senior high school. As someone who frequently experiences these episodes of paralysis, I would best define them as heightened examples of anxiety to limit one's capability to move and interact with their environment. If they can interact with environmental surroundings, it's a million times harder to do this. And if you're struggling like this, just realize that additionally you can cope with paralyzing anxiety.

Experiencing paralyzing anxiety

I have generalized anxiety disorder, so social situations of any sort always bring about severe anxiety for me. Your paralysis which i often encounter usually happens suddenly. I can be managing my anxiety one moment, however the next I struggle to move whatsoever. It's an invisible battle, which makes it all the more terrifying. I want to scream and cry out for help if this happens, but many individuals are not aware of this degree of anxiety. It is very exhausting and restricting. Forcing myself to move my body if this feels like I'm able to lose the small control I've left over these attacks is petrifying. It makes it so difficult to stay in social settings, and that i hate being restricted in this way.

Understanding your limits 

I remember relaxing in my math classroom during my senior year of senior high school, and that i would not be able to move my head to consider the board to take notes. I additionally struggled with eye-to-eye contact since lifting my head often proved impossible. Even when AP and standardized testing came around, I dealt with exactly the same struggle, especially since there were so many people and I was sitting in a tiny desk in the center of the area without any escape. Consequently, I wasn't capable of being the very best student I understand I could have been. I had been capable, but at the same time I was incapable, because my anxiety was but still is extremely limiting.

Knowing that you are enough

Ultimately, anxiety paralysis is an extremely frightening and real experience for those who have a problem with it. Whenever I am inside a social setting that lasts more than a few minutes, I struggle to move and immediately feel the need to flee. I try my favorite, I truly do, but may my favorite is not good enough for others. If only this was not the case, but I are only able to do so much as a person living with severe anxiety. My favorite may not be adequate for others, but it is enough for me personally. If they were fighting my battle, they'd understand.

Taking pride in yourself

I do wish others would be more understanding towards those living with anxiety. Turning up to an event is half the battle, but staying in an event is even harder. Every moment I'm in a social setting, I'm honestly fighting in my life. I cannot speak for you personally, but if you do struggle with anxiety, In my opinion it's reliable advice that you could relate. Something that is very easy for someone else to complete requires so much effort for us. If only others had the opportunity to see through the invisibility in our illness, so they are able to obtain a glimpse of what it really means to accept severe anxiety every day in our lives. It is an immense battle, also it requires a true warrior to fight it. I am pleased for how far you've are available in the war.

Inspiring others

For anyone currently struggling with anxiety or any mental health disorder, you're the bravest and strongest person I understand. Every day is a battle when trying to deal with paralyzing anxiety. I understand how tempting it may be to stop the battle, however i am so glad you're still here. Keep waiting on hold, for you really are a capable warrior who's a motivation to a lot of people.