Forget about Toxic Relationships Starting Today

It 's time to Let Go

It is time to release. Forget about the things that worry you, and the things that hold you back. They are no longer worth your time.

Letting Go Is Difficult But Worth It

Letting go is hard, especially when we are releasing the people we like. Despite hesitant to, letting go might be the smartest choice. It will be difficult, however in the finish, it will likely be completely worth it.

Letting Go Of Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships often require one person to let go. Recognizing and accepting you want to free yourself from the toxic person is never easy. Victims often fall into the trap of minimizing their situation, since that is what their abuser constantly does. They too are resulted in disbelief within the severity of their current circumstance, and frequently deny their reality to have an longer timeframe of your time as a result. When they notice that they aren't just being sensitive his or her abuser often says, all hope seems lost so they remain stuck every single day. Eventually, however, they will break free, just like I'll.

The Cycle Of Toxicity

After enduring abuse as a child, I imagined being free. Being free for me meant getting a loving family who loved me unconditionally, no longer needing to hide in the closet that became home and finding my voice which was silenced. I dreamed of each one of these things, yet my dreams seemed impossible to achieve because I was stuck in this never-ending cycle of pain, anger and sadness. I needed to know but found no answer – a minimum of not until I started to look within.

Looking Within After Enduring Many years of Trauma

By looking within, I recognize that I am emotionally behind most of my peers. I lack communication skills, have severe trust issues, am very indecisive, have low-self esteem and find it difficult to know who I am. If I do let someone in, I usually wind up losing them because of these trust issues, since i have tend to have a wall developed between us. Having healthy relationships is harder because of it. Healing often seems impossible. Hopes for recovery are often distant, but I realize that eventually I will be in a position to say I made it. When that day arrives, I will finally be able to say that the hurt that held me back will no longer have a hold on me. That'll be the day and all is going to be worth it.