Commercial Stove Hood Guide

Stove hoods really are a vital device for commercial kitchens. This informative guide will help you understand what a commercial stove hood does and why you may need one for the commercial kitchen.

What Stove Hoods Do

Stove hoods for restaurant supplies Bronx NY are installed above stoves along with other cooking appliances in commercial kitchens. The hood’s main function to get rid of greasy and smokey air in the kitchen and transport it through ductwork facing outward from the building. The stove hood accomplishes this using a system of fans, filters and ductwork.

Types of Stove Hoods

Stove hoods are available in two types. Non-grease hoods are intended for kitchens with equipment that only vents water vapor from cooking or washing dishes. Grease hoods can be used for other types of equipment. Grease hoods tend to be more widely used because they are designed for both water vapor along with other types of emissions.

Advantages of Having a Stove Hood

By removing greasy and smokey air, a stove hood can help keep the kitchen hoods cleaning and restaurant cleaner. This will make your customers happier since your restaurant will not smell like greasy food. It will also help you save on labor costs because your employees will not spend just as much time clearing up greasy surfaces in the kitchen. Lowering the grease in the air of your kitchen also lowers your fire risk. Some commercial stove hoods also contain fire suppression equipment.

Maintenance Required

To maintain safety and efficient operation, the ventilation system must be regularly cleaned. How often the ventilation will need cleaning depends on the type of restaurant.

Who Needs a Stove Hood

State and local laws almost always require commercial restaurants to install stove hoods to satisfy fire safety requirements when they're using gas equipment. The laws managing the utilization of electric equipment vary from place to place and rely on the type of equipment getting used. A few of the stricter counties may also need a hood to be installed over equipment such as dishwashers, steam tables and small kitchen equipment, for example panini presses. Most insurance firms also have requirements for restaurants to possess stove hoods installed.

A commercial stove hood are usually necesary to satisfy fire safety requirements in your town. Stove hoods offer benefits to the cleanliness of your facility and can improve quality of air and reduce cleaning costs. For these reasons, if you manage a commercial restaurant, you may need to consider having commercial stove hoods installed.