What Do Schizophrenic Brains Look Like?

Schizophrenia is really a serious brain disorder affecting people's thoughts, feelings, and acts. As a result, individuals with schizophrenia may have trouble filtering out what's real from what is not. Also known as a psychotic disorder, symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized speech. This is the way schizophrenia appears on the outside, but exactly what do schizophrenic brains look like? Some differences in schizophrenic brains may help explain some of the atypical thoughts and behaviors of individuals with this particular condition. If you suspect someone you love might be afflicted with this mental illness, get in touch with a Washington schizophrenia treatment facility for guidance.

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Why Study the Variations in Schizophrenic Brains?

You may wonder why it matters what a schizophrenic brain looks like. There are quite a few benefits to recognizing the differences between your brains of somebody with schizophrenia and someone without it condition. Studying the differences in schizophrenic brains helps identify this problem earlier in people's lives. The primary advantages of spotting indications of schizophrenic brains at the start of life are:

  • Making people conscious of their risk of schizophrenia if symptoms have not yet appeared
  • Allowing individuals to get the help they need before symptoms arise
  • Helping prevent many years of struggling with one's emotions, relationships, and functionality not understanding the cause or how you can manage it

The symptoms of schizophrenia may not begin to show up until one's teens or twenties, although they may remain unnoticeable until one's thirties in some instances. However, you'll be able to detect schizophrenic brains well before then.

What Do Schizophrenic Brains Seem like?

Scientists have found several differences in schizophrenic brains when compared with normal or neurotypical brains. These differences come in the gray and white few the brain as well as in dopamine and glutamate levels.

Gray Matter

People with schizophrenia tend to have less gray matter volume. El born area from the mental abilities are correlated with:

  • Muscle control
  • Sensory perception
  • Judgment
  • Thinking
  • Hearing

As you age, gray matter starts to lose its volume, which is especially problematic for people with schizophrenia. These may lead to a worsening of the symptoms.

White Matter

The white matter of the brain appears damaged in individuals with schizophrenia. El born area from the brain corresponds with:

  • Learning ability
  • Reading ability
  • Communication between different brain regions

Since the white matter is altered in schizophrenic brains, it's typical to determine cognitive impairment in individuals with this condition.


Dopamine is really a neurotransmitter produced by the body. It is associated with:

  • Focus
  • Motivation
  • Mood
  • Movement

Schizophrenic brains can experience trouble maintaining healthy dopamine levels, leading to levels that are too high or lacking. When dopamine levels are extremely low, you aren't schizophrenia is much more likely to appear apathetic and unmotivated. When levels are too high, they can experience hallucinations and delusions.


Glutamate is another brain neurotransmitter. It is associated with:

  • Perception
  • Thinking
  • Learning ability
  • Memory

People with schizophrenia generally have higher levels of glutamate, which disrupts their cognitive functioning.

Learn How to Manage Schizophrenia at Accxy

While you aren't likely to see the variations in schizophrenic brains for yourself, you'll certainly spot the indications of this problem in someone you care about. If you think a loved one is demonstrating schizophrenic symptoms, get in touch with Accxy at . Our schizophrenia treatment plan helps families regain a sense of normality by managing symptoms with antipsychotic medications and therapy.