5 Affirmations for Better Mental Health in 2023

The year 2023 is now here. Like every year, we all strive to create new goals or resolutions so can improve in the future. However, many people also create short inspirational statements on their own called affirmations. Affirmations in many cases are used by individuals to enable them to cope with life's challenges and empower themselves to consider charge of their well-being. Listed here are five affirmations for better mental health that you can start living by within the year and beyond.

“I Love Myself for Who I Am”

This first affirmation is a widely used but still important one for your everyday life. When the stress of history year has affected your self-esteem, then introduce this confidence-boosting statement into your life. Whenever you say or write the statement, “I love myself for who I am,” begin to possess a different perception of yourself-and a greater belief that you're special only the way you're. 

“I Have Faith in my Abilities”

Another great thing about affirmations is that they restore your confidence in achieving goals. This is exactly why this next affirmation, “I have trust in my abilities,” is a superb someone to live life by in 2023. When you repeat this statement to yourself, you begin to think you can achieve anything.

To illustrate: Let's say you were assigned a task from your boss? Looking at the details of the project, you may initially find the project to become daunting or too hard to complete. This affirmation just might improve your mindset and help you have more confidence in your abilities. 

“I Am Strong in your mind, Body and Spirit”

We all experience many obstacles within our lives, the present pandemic being another example. But by concentrating on the affirmation, “I am strong in your mind, body and spirit,” we're inside a stronger position to beat our trials and tribulations. Some people credit their relationship with God in helping these to do this. By using this powerful statement in your lifetime, it is a little easier that you should overcome you may be facing. 

“My Diagnosis Doesn't Define Me”

Being identified as having a physical or mental illness could be a devastating thing. If you are struggling with your health, try using this affirmation as the daily motto: “My diagnosis does not define me.” If you are identified as having bpd, for instance, you must say to yourself that you are not a “bipolar girl or boy.” Your diagnosis is exactly what you have, not who you are.

“I Am Worthy of Love and Happiness”

This last positive affirmation to reside by reinforces the fact that you are deserving of two things: love and happiness. As humans, we all crave connection and feelings of joy. Try repeating to yourself every single day, “I am worth love and happiness,” and you'll be more likely to receive those feelings in your life.

These positive mental health affirmations are statements you can start living by in 2023 to modify your way of thinking and attitude. We at Step Up for Mental Health can also help you on the way. Check out our website for additional info on our services and reach out to us if you want further support.