A Lighthearted Perspective on Mental Health

Mental health is a serious and important subject, but a lighthearted approach to healing and coping could be beneficial. Struggling with mental health often feels like a heavy weight. I often feel weighed down by my very own problems and I’ve tried to practice letting go and incorporating lightheartedness into my coping strategy toolbox. It’s served like a much-needed reprieve.
By lighthearted, I mean easygoing or blithe. Which isn't to state I would like the importance of mental health to become taken lightly. Lightheartedness can instead be considered a new perspective. One that helps make the mental health journey more easygoing or smoother.
I deal with constant disconnection, loneliness, and depression. And I have a long healing journey in front of me. Thus, learning to view these complaints and also the responsibility I have to myself to work on them in a more easygoing way is a welcome alternative. Focusing on our mental health doesn't also have to become this type of heavy subject. In the proper time and put, a lighthearted approach to mental health can be a great benefit.

How Lightheartedness Can Benefit Our Mental Health

One definition of lightheartedness is an “involved but detached” method of being. Somewhat, specially when dealing with chronic or long-term issues, this process of coping is attractive. Anyone who feels a bit unhappy from a constantly heavy and heavy atmosphere around these issues may find that including some fun or humor within their coping strategies is a welcome idea.

I'm hoping to include a more playful, humorous, and lighthearted type of assessing and holding space for the things I'm coping with. Disconnection, depression, anxiety, and stress can all feel heavy but don’t need to constantly weigh us down. We are able to “care deeply and hold it lightly” as this article describes.

The Mayo Clinic also describes how humor can help us relieve stress. As long as we aren't using humor to avoid issues, several laughs along the way while healing sounds amazing. We sometimes can feel burnt out from constantly moving through a mental health journey with a cloud of seriousness or heaviness overhead. Any way to help make the journey toward healing more enjoyable is something I'm prepared to try out.

Incorporating Lightheartedness Into My Mental Health

As an extremely sensitive individual who views mental health like a serious topic, I have been incorporating lightheartedness like a coping technique to help alleviate a bit of the heaviness I often feel from the weight of darker emotions or thoughts that come in waves.

After I let myself sense something similar to an intense bout of irritation, anger, or sadness, I practice putting words to my feelings and show myself compassion. Then, I reflect or talk to myself about how exactly Personally i think in a humorous or light way.

Recently, as noted by my therapist, I've even started communicating my struggles with jokes or sarcasm. I’ve laughed at how illogical and often confusing my emotions and emotional roadways can be-accepting that a lot of time, this stuff doesn't make sense. And also to a particular extent “holding it lightly” is really a method to honor might result in the route to healing a smaller amount daunting and more easygoing.

Which, after being in therapy for some time and moving with the dark and heavy times, is really a welcome bright spot which has re-invigorated the power open to me for healing, letting go, and growing more authentically into myself.

Therapy and also the mental health journey in general can be hard. We face roadblocks, frustrations, and confusion so frequently. Together with a little bit of easygoing humor within the pockets where it's appropriate is definitely an effective way of coping.

Feeling Lighter

Lightheartedness and mental health seem like a counterintuitive pairing. The constant fire of pain and stress appears like the very last thing anyone really wants to take lightly. And that i realize that there are occasions for seriousness and concern. But when a lighthearted approach could make the healing journey easier, I'm an advocate not less than trying it out.

If you do not already, try incorporating humor or lightheartedness in your own self-talk. In your journal reflections or moments of self-reflection, be kind in addition to funny in dealing with yourself.