Here are the most read stories of 2021 on Videonet. The articles below start with the most popular at the top. Bear in mind that stories gather a long-tail of readership with time, so recently published items close to the bottom might have featured higher on the list if they had been available longer. We look forward to bringing you more news and analysis in 2021 and need all of you a happy and healthy new year.

Race on to bring AV1 free codec to promote, as code freezes

Apple makes a bid being the super-aggregator of streaming TV

It's official – Europe's cable giants want to be multi-SVOD aggregators

The rise of IP-into-broadcast 'hybrid' linear addressable advertising

Netflix involves Sky inside a first-of-its-kind combined subscription bundle

Android TV Operator Tier takes Com Hem closer to being a class-leading operator

7TV wants all German broadcasters to gather under one online roof to counter Amazon and Netflix

Multicast ABR is gaining traction in an effort to deliver multiscreen across an operator network

Amazon and Facebook waking up to the value of live sports content, as EPL bidding starts

It takes 11 months for Netflix to achieve payback on each new U.S. subscriber

Vewd OS and app store ecosystem ready for operator set-top box market

How improved data insights are delivering real business and UEX outcomes for TV today

Royalty-free AV1 codec hailed as a game-changer for streaming video

Content adaptation enables major bit-rate savings beyond standard compression

The technology roadmap that could give everyone their own form of a TV show

TotalTV is a huge step for the advertising Ultimate goal of people-centric, unified, multi-platform planning

MediaKind, the new Ericsson Media Solutions, is gearing for acquisitions, more OTT and smart cities

Orange and CANAL+ Group test linear addressable advertising ahead of hoped-for regulatory approval

What we learnt at Future TV Advertising Forum Canada – confidence in TV is returning

Object-based broadcasting is originating, with wide implications for that media business

Sky Media shows what ad-supported TV can become

The fragmentation, and potential re-aggregation, of premium content

Latest MPEG codec standard establishes performance lead but is hampered by licensing worries

High-end Netflix is merged with high-end Sky in unique SVOD/Pay TV bundling exercise

Ad-supported TV is keeping its head above water, but must start swimming