How to Balance Mental Health and Productivity During COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic, a brand new term gained prominence: productivity culture. We felt going to use the additional time spent inside to become productive and learn new skills. But it’s important to learn how to balance mental health and productivity during COVID-19.

With the pandemic continuing to have its effects, many people also experienced intense shifts within their mental health. Our inability to socialize and connect with our family members as usual would result in a lot of panic and anxiety.

The beginning of the pandemic was a perfect storm of high stress and instability. Many people had more time available which may normally be allocated to commuting, communicating with co-workers go to social events.

Many people-myself included-began feeling guilty as a result. I'm still behind on starting a successful side business, writing the following great American novel, or determining how you can bake sourdough bread.

The fear that I have been putting things off adds to the overwhelming stress related to navigating our new normal. A lot of us find it difficult to fit into an effective culture without daily stressors of the pandemic. This new focus on maximizing productivity often feels daunting and impossible-which creates a greater feeling of failure and sadness.

Your Productivity Does Not Equal Your Value

I often reflect on my productivity before the pandemic. Even during my typical routine, devoting lots of time to my hobbies and personal goals proved difficult.

But our value isn’t based on how productive you are. That could mean trying to be considered a great employee, maintaining a pristine home, establishing a dieting and exercise routine, or reconnecting with family and friends.

Now I feel O.K. with not doing anything. I remind myself that my value isn’t according to my completed tasks, which helps ease the guilt of unproductiveness significantly.

Although Personally i think pride within my accomplishments after a productive day, I treat myself with compassion and understanding when I'm feeling unmotivated and uninspired. I'm better at feeling a feeling of peace and satisfaction.

Regardless of my productivity on a given day, I've got a lot to offer the world.

Ways to Balance Mental Health insurance and Productivity During COVID-19

Your value and your meaningfulness isn't determined because when much or how much you work. And so i encourage everyone to become compassionate and understanding of themselves.

When the mood strikes, spend some time doing lighthearted activities which make you satisfied within the moment. Watch a movie on Netflix or enjoy another relaxing activity that soothes your soul and brings you joy. It will help you understand the moment and be free from productivity culture for any short while.

Being productive at work and residential often helps your mental health to flourish. However when you’re having trouble trying to balance productivity and mental health during COVID-19, give yourself a break.