Common Reasons People Commit Suicide

No one ever commits suicide on impulse. There's always a reason that either someone is showing signs or sticking to themselves. It is important to be aware of common explanations why people commit suicide so that you can be prepared to help that individual. Also, it might be time to think about a depression treatment program. Call us at for more details.

Why Do People Commit Suicide?

There are many explanations why people commit suicide. The most common reason for suicide this year alone was depression, with 43,000 dead in america. People who are clinically depressed may feel similar to their lives aren't worth living anymore. They may feel by doing this simply because they think their problems will never be solved. Alternately, they might think that those around them would be better if they weren't alive.

Let's look at some specific mental issues responsible:


Depression is a serious mental illness where victims feel sad, hopeless and lack interest in things they once enjoyed doing. Major events trigger this problem, such as losing a job, going through the divorce, or experiencing financial problems.

People may commit suicide if they have a mental health condition like depression. By using it, comes a massive sadness. It is also from bpd where you switch from severe depression to mania or anxiety. These involve a powerful worry that makes it difficult to maintain friendships or hold a stable job.


Schizophrenia causes the victim to listen to voices and see stuff that don't appear in reality. The condition occurs in about 1% of the world's population, and it is more common in males than women.

An individual with schizophrenia may have a anxiety about incarceration for doing things that aren't actually wrong simply because they assume that others are attempting to harm them. When individuals have suicidal thoughts it can sometimes be very hard to tell the difference between a real threat along with a perceived threat. This makes it hard for the victim of schizophrenia to live a normal life, therefore they will commit suicide.


Another reason goes via a traumatic experience like physical assault, sexual assault, or seeing someone die or get hurt. You might get nightmares, view the world differently, or live in fear at every corner. You may feel like suicide is the best way to escape your nightmares. If you have these mental health conditions, it is important to go to treatment before getting to begin having thoughts of suicide.


People who are bullied have a tendency to commit suicide as they want to is the only way they are able to escape the pain. People get bullied when others consider them physically or socially weak. Bullying can get even worse with technology. If people post embarrassing photos or posts in regards to you, a lot of people may see it and it might appear to be your reputation is under assault by another person.

Drug Addiction

Having a medication addiction is also a contributing factor. Actually, you might be using drugs to flee your pain. However, the high you feel can be temporary. Unfortunately, you can develop a tolerance where you no more have the results of the drug.Drug use is not a way to escape the pain sensation and going to rehab will help you find out the triggers contributing you to drug abuse and assist you in finding healthy ways to heal from the pain.

Remember, there's always someone available that will help you with any problems you've.

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