How to Prevent Suicide

You may think that it is impossible to understand when someone is thinking about destruction. It might be hard if that person appears happy and you cannot see any indications of depression. However, for those who have a feeling that somebody is suicidal, never leave that individual alone. Also, do everything inside your power to make sure that they do not place their own life.

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Help Prevent Suicide of the Friend or Loved One

When you are looking at preventing suicide, it's important to search for the signs. That person may be talking about killing or harming themselves. They may write within their notebook about death or discuss dying. You may discover their whereabouts looking for weapons like guns, drugs, or razor blades. That individual can talk about feeling helpless, hopeless, and trapped and that things are not going to get better or change. That person may be making preparations by:

  • Writing up a will
  • Giving away their most favorite possessions
  • Making funeral arrangements.

There are also signs that somebody is considering destruction. Maybe they've said goodbye to you as if they will never help you again. They are able to also involve themselves in risky situations look foward to drugs or rebellious behavior because they do not care what happens for them. If you see these signs, don't ignore them, since you may regret it if that person succeeds in taking their life.

Steps to avoid Them From Committing Suicide

The first thing you should do is speak with that person. Just because you bring up suicide does not mean that the person will kill themselves. You need to ask that person should they have had thoughts of suicide. You can let that person realize that you're feeling worried about them. Let them know you have noticed differences in their behavior and feel they aren't acting like themselves. Do not make sure they are feel guilty for feeling how they do. Your friend cannot help the way they think, and guilt won't make that person feel good.

You should also never promise that you won't tell anyone they're suicidal. Thoughts of committing suicide should never be kept a secret. Always tell someone, whether it's a professional or a member of the family, about the actions your friend plans to commit. Don't blame yourself for your friend's unhappiness, as a person's happiness isn't under your control.

More Steps To assist Your Friend

If they boast of being suicidal, question them just how long they've felt like this or if something specific became of them. You may also inquire about the best way to support them or ask if they've attempted to get help. Allow that to person know they are not alone within their feelings which there's always a chance for happiness.

Just one conversation makes a huge difference and can remind them how much they want to live. It is best to be genuine, listen to what they say, be sympathetic, and take the things they say seriously. Never think that person is being dramatic as that belittles their feelings and makes them feel more alone. Always give that individual hope that things will get better.

Seek Out Medical Treatment

Check to ascertain if that person includes a arrange for their suicide. Check to see should they have the various tools to commit suicide. Try to find out once they expect to do it and when they plan to go through it. Knowing all of this information, call an emergency center and the police. Remove any lethal weapons from their reach rather than leave them alone. Encourage that person to see a professional or visit a treatment facility. Perhaps you can make a scheduled appointment for that person. You can even go to the appointment together with your friend to make sure they go. After they go, ask how it went. A therapist may have strategies for you as a friend to assist your friend through this hard time.

Make sure that the person takes their medication. Moreover, please carefully watch on any noticeable negative effects that you ought to tell their therapist in case they might need to switch their medication. Continue to visit your friends, give them a call, and invite them out. Encourage that person to eat right, get enough rest, go for a walk outside for Half an hour, and exercise.

Look For Triggers

You should especially check up on that individual when specific triggers appear. These triggers may be the anniversary of someone they've lost, if they're surrounded by alcohol and drug abuse and when they feel probably the most stressed. Give that individual all the tools. These power tools can include contact numbers for any doctor or therapist, family, and friends to achieve to just in case those thoughts come back.

Suicide should never have to seem like an option when things in life do not work out. Problems don't always stay problems, also it can take others in your lifetime to locate solutions. Do not pass off your friend's issues because you are extremely afraid to deal with them. Ignoring the problem will not allow it to be disappear. In case your friend includes a problem that you cannot find a solution to, find others who might help such as a professional.

For more information, call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255, that provides 24/7 free and confidential support for those in distress.

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