Bipolar Disorder vs. Depression

Depression and bpd are generally severe mental health disorders that may disrupt your lifetime and cause many symptoms. However, they're very different conditions. Understanding the difference between bipolar disorder vs. depression can guide you toward the right treatment so you can find relief from your symptoms.

Whether you're experiencing depression or bpd, Accxy has got the treatment plan for you personally. We are able to educate you on the differences between depression vs. bipolar disorder so you can understand which of these conditions may be impacting your life. Contact us at to schedule an exam therefore we can present you with an effective diagnosis and plan for treatment at our depression and bipolar disorder treatment center in Washington.

What Is Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health problem that causes drastic shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels. The disorder affects how you think, feel, and act. Some common the signs of bpd are:

  • Mood swings – This is actually the most typical feature of bipolar disorder. Individuals with this problem often experience periods of depression and mania simultaneously, or they may alternate together.
  • Erratic behavior – Acting out or engaging in risky or unhealthy behaviors is typical with bipolar disorder. Some people may go on radical shopping sprees during an episode of hypomania, then struggle to pay off the debt that builds. This can transition to some depressive episode in which they experience low mood and energy, discovering it hard to work and achieve other essential tasks.
  • Restlessness – This will happen during manic or depressive phases, making you more impulsive than usual when choosing to spend money or get involved in risky situations. Although, sometimes, it might just mean feeling jumpy or finding it hard to sit still.

The most noticeable sign of bipolar disorder may be the extreme highs and lows of energy and mood. Bpd treatment aims to strike a healthy balance to be able to feel more emotionally stable.

What Is Depression?

Depression is really a mental health disorder that can be mild to severe in most cases requires treatment. Although sadness is the most noticeable manifestation of depression, this condition goes beyond the occasional blues. Some the signs of depression include:

  • Chronic sadness and hopelessness – You might feel down more often than not with little hope for things improving.
  • Having little curiosity about doing stuff you used to enjoy – If you have depression, you may lose motivation to do things, as well as your favorite activities.
  • Sleeping an excessive amount of or too little – Depression can disrupt your sleep schedule, leaving you even more tired and irritable.

Everyone feels sad or depressed every so often. What makes depression not the same as occasional sadness is that it tends to last for two weeks or even more in most cases occurs without apparent cause.

Bipolar Disorder vs. Depression

Although depression plays a prominent role in bipolar disorder, probably the most distinguishing characteristic between these two conditions is the fact that bpd also involves a manic phase. Individuals with depression tend to lean toward sadness, hopelessness, and low energy most of the time. However, those with bipolar disorder swing back and forth between depressive episodes and manic episodes that involve high energy and erratic behaviors. You need to get in touch with a mental health professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Get Help for Depression and Bipolar Disorder at Accxy

Now that you simply comprehend the difference between depression vs. bpd, you see how both can make everyday life more difficult. But with the appropriate treatment at Accxy, you can learn how you can manage your symptoms and go back to enjoying life again. Contact Accxy today at to obtain a customized treatment plan at our Washington facility.