In December 2019, Nvidia released the Titan V GPU. Primarily targeting use cases for example machine learning, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence development. Evidently the Titan V has other applications too. Depending on the latest report, the Titan V can run Battlefield V with ray tracing despite without needing any RT cores. An appealing development considering 2019 saw Nvidia release its RTX line-up of GPUs that feature RT cores, needed for real-time ray tracing. As well the Titan V is based on Volta architectures versus the Nvidia GeForce RTX’s newer Turing architecture.

3dcenter tested (via Segment Next) Battlefield V on the Nvidia Titan V with real-time ray tracing enabled. Not only does it state that ray tracing done anything about the $2999 GPU, but it surely held its versus the Titan RTX being able to run Battlefield V at 1440p while using Ultra visual preset about 80fps usually. Performance dropped to 56fps for the Rotterdam map.

It’s impressive to determine the Nvidia Titan V trade blows with newer hardware. Also, if leaks have to be believed, Nvidia will disclose the its midrange GeForce RTX 2060 GPUs at CES 2019. A reviewers guide with the GPU has been discovered, detailing its specifications, features, and gratifaction targets. Just like the high-end GeForce RTX 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti, it should be good Turing architecture.

Furthermore, the provider may possibly also launch a GeForce GTX 11xx number of GPUs that will not have RTX cores and features too together with mobile versions of GeForce RTX GPUs in the process.

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