Yesterday the European Commission announced which it might be fining Qualcomm $1.2 billion of 997 million for anti competitive practices. Qualcomm has released a state statement as well as company has said that it must be appealing the ruling.

The EU regulators accused Qualcomm of handing over Apple to make use of its LTE modem chips included in the smartphones, according to the EU, the sale meant than none of Qualcomm’s competitor were able to compete just for this business.

The agreement between Qualcomm and Apple entered 2011 and ended in 2019, this agreement was related to the pricing of modem chips. The company now has denied this and said hello will probably be appealing the ruling, you can observe the state run statement from Qualcomm below.

“We are confident this agreement did not violate EU competition rules or adversely affect market competition or European consumers,” said Don Rosenberg, executive vp and general counsel of Qualcomm. “We have a strong case for judicial review and we’ll immediately commence that process.”

As yet there would not seem any official statement from Apple on the matter, it’s unlikely you will have one as Qualcomm and Apple have fallen out and are also in the center of some court cases.