Elsewhere on this blog, Kirk suggested the iPhone 11 is \”the iPhone for everyone\”. With a starting price of $1,099 and \”Pro\” in the name, the same seemingly cannot be said from the iPhone Pro Max. However, you may nonetheless attempt by the pinnacle of Apple's iPhone line-up.

My undertake using one for any week, having previously owned its predecessor, the iPhone XS Max, is that the \”Pro\” bit is marketing fluff. You don't need to be a pro to profit out of this phone, and nor does it include anything overtly pro in addition to what's found in the iPhone 11. But this is an objectively superb iPhone, also it may be the choice for you, if – as long as – you deeply care about some very specific features.

Look sharp

The most apparent distinction between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max may be the display. The Max is larger – 6.5 in. vs 6.1 in. – and brighter. It has richer blacks, because of using OLED instead of LCD technology – a factor if you favor iOS 13's Dark Mode.

And the iPhone 11 Pro Max display is sharper compared to iPhone 11's, too. Put the phones side-by-side and they'll display roughly the same content, but whereas the iPhone 11's screen resolution is 1792×828, the iPhone 11 Pro Max's is 2688×1242. Packing more pixels into roughly the same space means less pixelation – smoother text; more detail.

The question is whether you will find. I actually do, most obviously in text-heavy apps. My wife doesn't. Perhaps visit an Apple Store and find out on your own. If you can't use whatever difference between the 2 screens, that's one less reason a larger investment; if you can choose the additional detail in the iPhone 11 Pro Max, your mind may be composed.

A little bit snappier

Although the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max look similar, there are some material differences. The pricier system is more luxurious, with textured matte glass and stainless steel versus glass and aluminum. The textured glass makes it grippier within the hand – although if you're paying over a thousand bucks for a phone, you may be going to place it in a case.

The color choices are more subjective. Personally, I love the brighter shades from the iPhone 11 compared to the subdued hues in the Pro line. However, with all the front faces now being black , along with a case being a must, you likely won't see the back of your phone much anyway.

On the rear, the 2nd huge difference between these units is apparent: the iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with an extra camera. Along with the iPhone 11's wide and ultra-wide, you receive a telephoto camera for 2x optical zoom capabilities. If you have not used at all the telephoto lens on an iPhone, you aren't likely to miss it – most famously given that the iPhone 11 can match the Pro elsewhere, for example Portrait Mode and Night Mode shots. But if you would like an optical zoom, the 11 won't cut it.

Is bigger better?

A few other specs edge the iPhone 11 Pro Max ahead of the iPhone 11. Its waterproofing is superior . There's a 512GB option, for for those who have a lot of on-board data . After which there is the battery.

Last year, the iPhone XR had the longest-lasting battery associated with a iPhone, but that crown's now been taken through the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Based on what factor you utilize to determine life of the battery, Apple reckons you can get everything from an additional 2 hours to fifteen hours in the more costly phone.

In real life, life of the battery is harder to test, but I've so far found the iPhone 11 Pro Max to become meaningfully in front of its predecessor and also the iPhone XR. You may still blaze through remaining charge when downloading tons of cellular data, playing demanding games, or incessantly scrolling through social networking feeds. But for those extra bucks, you can take solace in being able to perform so for any bit more time than a person with a cheaper iPhone.

Heart vs. head vs. needs

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is objectively the best iPhone in Apple's line-up – and possibly the very best smartphone available on the market. It's powerful, full of features, and it has a properly premium feel.

Your heart will want it, however your head may think otherwise. My advice: decide whether you need it, qualifying \”need\” in terms of stuff you often do. Several extra hours of battery life without the headache of getting a charger, or carrying a bulky external battery pack, might alone be worth the extra outlay. Or you might prize that superior display or extra camera. Otherwise, just ramp your iPhone up to 11, instead of going Pro towards the Max.