You're Capable: Managing Depression After many years Of Being Stuck

Living With Depression

Living life with depression is extremely difficult. Most days it is even challenging out of bed. The things I once loved now seem to occupy all of my energy. If only it was easier and i also could spend my entire life living instead of fighting to survive every day. Regardless of the struggle, however, I know which i must keep fighting. I've been pushing aside everything that I need to do in order to help myself feel better for thus long because of my lack of energy, but now it is time to figure out my life eventually at any given time.

Without An Identity

After coping with an abusive childhood, knowing who I'm as a person continues to be not even close to easy. I feel like I am behind all of my peers, which is a terrible feeling. I try to keep reminding myself that we're all in various places within our journey, so it is completely okay not to be exactly where others are at right now. At times are harder than the others, but I try my best to recognize which i deserve to figure things out at my own pace. I may 't be where I want to be at this time, only one day I'll be. The day I discover who I'm like a person will be the day which i will finally have the ability to say that I survived. I look forward to seeing that day.

Discovering My Identity

As I start my holiday break, I want to concentrate on improving me. Part of this is figuring out who I'm as an individual. Another part continues to locate my voice.

I Am Capable

After successfully completing an address Communications course earlier this semester, Now i realize that I am capable of anything I set my thoughts to. I entered that class frightened and anxious, since communicating has never been easy for me. I doubted there being a chance that I could earn an A in the course. After the course, however, I did earn my A. I'm able to honestly state that I'm now stronger to take that course, both like a student and person. I additionally now realize that I'm capable despite what my mind may tell me.

Anything Is Possible

Being in a position to flourish in this course has provided us a new perspective on life. I understand that so long as I'm willing to make the work and dedication, anything can be done. With this thought, the time is right that i can start concentrating on finding out who Mary is. This break is the perfect opportunity for me to begin facing things i happen to be afraid to manage for thus long. I intend to start today, regardless of how small the steps are. I would take more time than others in determining who I am, but this is ok, as long as I'm making progress.