Apple has released their new iOS 12 software for that iPhone and iPad additionally, the software package are available to download.

To install it on your own device you must pay a visit to Settings > General > Software Update you will then be prompted to download iOS 12.

The new edition of Apple iOS is made to bring a variety of speed an performance improvements to existing devices. This also includes older devices as well as the update is available to the iPhone 5S or later.

The new software has a range of extra features that are included with an improved Siri with a new shortcuts feature and you can are now using some alternative party apps with Siri.

There is another new Screen Time feature that helps guide you a long time spent on individual apps, you may set cut-off dates for specific apps and a lot more. Notifications are actually tied in so ones within the same app will include friends. The hottest type of Apple’s iOS has become designed to download being an in the air update.