After being officially unveiled late last year, the brand new Vive Focus standalone VR headset has today launched in China. Offering connectivity to HTC’s new mobile virtual reality platform, the main focus stand-alone VR headset has been made available in China with well over 40 applications offered by launch for early adopter have fun with and is sold with its very own mobile type of the Viveport VR content store.

Preorders with the Vive Focus VR headset came from December 2019 as well as the first customers in China have started receiving their new Vive Focus hardware. HTC also held a launch event immediately in China providing 100 attendees the ability to experience the new standalone VR headset and immersive VR applications hands on.

The Vive Focus VR headset’s design and technology draws on Google’s Daydream standalone reference design, which in-itself took it’s origin from Qualcomm’s reference hardware. The Vive Focus will be the first stand-alone headset being launched in China and definitely will soon be accompanied by Facebook’s Oculus GO which is being launched together with Xiaomi the kind of the Mi VR that will run a unique separate content store. The Vive Foucs VR headset costs roughly $670 or $625 depending whether going for the blue or white finish, respectively.

No information have been announced up to now by Vive once the Vive Focus standalone VR headset is going to be delivered, just outside of China. But because soon looking for details, release dates and pricing are designed available by Vive we are going to prevent you up-to-date as always.